North Portugal is still more of an insider's tip among surfers, but the long Atlantic coast with its mild winters and warm summers and excellent wave conditions all year round is becoming increasingly popular. The largest waves hit the coast of northern Portugal from November to April, at an average water temperature of 14 degrees. In the summer months, however, the water temperatures are around 19°C and the waves are smaller, making them perfect for learning. Around the Beach Lodge there is a large variety of beaches with excellent wave quality, suitable for beginners as well as pro surfers. more ...


You are very welcome to take part in a surf course with the PORTO SURF SCHOOL. We offer surf lessons for participants aged 6 to 66 years and of all levels. No matter whether you are completely inexperienced and haven´t been in contact with this sport yet or you are already traveling and surfing with your own board – our surf instructors individually adapt to your abilities! Together with you they will work on the basic techniques of surfing, improve your skills or even bring them to perfection.

Surf lesson

Our team consists of experienced and licensed surf instructors who are very familiar with the local conditions. With a lot of empathy they bring beginners on board and introduce surfers with previous knowledge to the high school of surfing. A course is attended by a maximum of eight people, so that your surf coach can still individually cater to each individual.


Depending on waves and tides there are either two surf lessons of 1.5 hours or one long lesson of 3 hours per day. Mostly the surf course takes place right at our home beach. If the current conditions don´t allow us to give classes, we will take you to other beaches, where beginners as well as intermediates and advanced surfers will get their money's worth.


> Beach transfer

> 3 hours lesson per day

> All levels and all ages

> Surfboard and wetsuit

> Certified surf instructors

> Insurance

1 day 50 EUR
3 days 141 EUR
5 days 220 EUR

extra day

(after 5 days)

44 EUR

1 day private lesson

180 EUR | 1 or 2 pers.

Beach transfer incl. material

35 EUR | day

just board & wetsuit

25 EUR | day


No matter your age, your level of fitness or how much experience you have – everyone can take part on our SUP tour! Discover the unique nature of the north of Portugal in a very special way.

Douro SUP-Tour

Our SUP van will take you to a picturesque village where a tributary of the Douro joins the main river with vineyard terraces reaching down to the river bank. The SUP tour has not even started yet and you are already enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Porto. As soon as we have left the city a charming hinterland opens up: Hilly landscapes with sleepy village, Mediterranean gardens and green vineyards all the way along the river side. After approx. one hour´s drive we have reached our destination. The paddle boards will be let to the water at a quiet spot of the river. Here we have calm flow conditions which are ideal to get used to the boards and practice the first paddle steps. Our experienced guide will explain you the basic technique and help you finding your balance on the board. 


As soon as you are feeling comfortable we will start paddling down the river towards a smaller  tributary, that will lead us through a scenery of green rich nature and rock formations. Smaller bays and secluded coves with waterfalls as well as diverting currents will give you the opportunity to both relax and enjoy the nature and have fun and spend some joyful moments while jumping into the water or paddling through stronger streams – whatever you like, there is something for everyone on this tour. The SUP tour ends on the Ilha dos Amores –  the island of lovers –  a small river island where we will rest, have a small lunch and enjoy the unforgettable view of the Douro before heading back to Porto.


> All levels and all ages

> Transfer to the location

> Tour guide

> Introduction

> Board, Paddle & Wetsuit

> Approx. 5 hours tour

5 hour tour (price per person) 60 EUR